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Astrologer Services

In Burma many people believe in palm reading, fortune telling and violence clearing. This is a part of people's life in Burma. People will consult with their fortune tellers for everything, starting from health or business or travel or education etc etc up to marriage or divorce. When they have very bad luck, the fortune teller will do something for them mostly related to religion so they are saved from the bad luck. This is what we call violence clearing in Burma. That' why, Psychiatrist are not popular in Burma because when people have any trouble, they can go to the fortune teller who can do something to make them feel saved so nobody needs a psychiatrist in Burma.

Sometime, they travel long distance just to see the famous fortune teller. In fact this is not only in Burma, Thailand is also a country where this kind of thing is popular. Do not be surprised if someone tells you a rich man from Thailand travel to Burma just to see his fortune teller. Or he may invite the fortune teller in Burma to travel to Thailand and pay for all his travel expenses.

So why don't you try this as a once in a life time experience if you happen to travel to Burma.

San Zar Ni Bo

We can also recommend a well educated person who study and practise it scientifically. He is Saya (Sir) San Zar Ni Bo who has achieved 20th century Achievement Award from International Biographical center (IBC) and 1997 Man of the year award from Cambridge University.




Modern Prognosticator of Burma

B.S.c ( Chemistry ) Dip in French ( I.F.L & Paris )

1st Degree ( Sorbonne Paris ), L.C.C ( London )


He is living in Yangon. It is necessary to make appointment well in advance for consulting and fees will be settled directly. But as a travel company, we will be glad to render our service to you during your travel in Burma to get appointment with San Zar Ni Bo.